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    Your home office energy boost

    Many of us have been working – periodically or continuously – from home for a year now. While you might have started off very motivated (Sleep longer! Have your own coffee!), there comes a point when you notice that you lack variety in your life. Constantly sitting at home without a commute and lunch break with colleagues can turn out to more energy-consuming than you would think. Here are the six best tips on how you can give yourself a home office energy boost!

    #1 Set your alarm for active breaks

    Let me just quickly send this email and finish this task. And hey, presto, it’s noon and we haven’t moved from our chairs all morning. So: set your alarm clock. Not only for waking up, but also for active breaks. Actually, it doesn’t really matter what you do in these short 5-to-10-minute breaks – whether stretching, running, or dancing – the main thing is that you get up from your chair every now and then.

    AYA tip: In our “Work Health Kit” we provide you with the best stretching exercises for ‘in-between’, which we have developed together with physiotherapists.

    #2 Maintain social contacts

    Humans are social beings. Whether it’s a jogging session with a friend, a chat with the neighbor or a facetime call with the family: everything that replaces the social exchange that you automatically had in the office every day is good for your energy balance. And everyone who has pets already knows that interacting with an animal also replenishes energy reserves.

    # 3 Light, light, light!

    We all notice it; as soon as the first rays of spring sun shine through the window, we automatically feel better. Why is that? Sunlight releases serotonin in the brain. This hormone improves our mood, reduces anxiety and also makes us calmer and more focused. So: get out in the fresh air and put your desk next to a large window.

    Another tip: set up mirrors – they reflect – and thus scatter – the light in the room.

    #4 Bring nature into your office

    Contact with nature has numerous positive effects: lowering blood pressure and reduction of anxiety, stress and endless brooding over the same thoughts. At the same time, it is said to improve attention, memory and sleep. So, go to the nearest nursery and pick up some plants for your home! You don’t have a green thumb? No problem. You can either let the gardener advise you on what your surroundings require (e.g. little water, little light) or you can decorate your office with natural objects and pictures. Just looking at natural objects gives your brain a break – or a series of micro-breaks – from being constantly focused. They attract your attention, but not in a demanding or over-stimulating manner, which helps!

    AYA tip: In our kit you will find a delicate and refreshing scented pine wood spray that brings some nature right into your home.

    #5 Take care of yourself

    A situation like the one we are experiencing now demands a lot from all of us. The unknown, the unfamiliar and uncertainty often seem to dominate our lives. Thus, it is all the more important to take time for your own goals and values. Is there a cause that has always interested you? What are your personal values – and do you live in accordance with them? Is there anything in your life that is more ballast than a source of energy? Productive selfishness is something that can give you energy – because taking care of yourself also means that it is easier for you to take care of those around you.

    AYA tip: treat yourself to something and be more generous to yourself. Do you love chocolate? Well then, go! By the way, in our AYA Kit you will find our favorite chocolate from a small Swiss company.

    #6 Proper nutrition is the be-all and end-all

    When you eat heavy food, your body is busy processing it all day, making us less productive because our digestive tract is busy digesting and blood flow is directed to our stomachs. As a result, blood flow and oxygen to the brain decrease and we become sluggish. That means: eat light food during the day and drink lots of water; if there is enough fluid in the body, the blood circulation to the brain increases. Also important: enjoy as many good fresh fruits and vegetables as you can!

    AYA tip: You will find a healthy energy drink and energizing snacks in our Work Health Kit.

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