We inspire people’s daily lives.
We develop innovative ways to convey knowledge and values.
We encourage playfulness and discovery. 
We prioritize local products.
We are committed to delivering outstanding quality.
We work for profit, but profit from work that benefits humanity and our planet. 

AYA farmery is a wellbeing and lifestyle company from Switzerland, with a commercial, cultural and environmental mission. Valuable knowledge collected from previous generations, as well as new discoveries, are shared both online and offline. This is passed on for us to cherish today through products, experiences and stories.


The seeds for AYA farmery were sown nine centuries ago, at the Benedictine convent Fahr, on the banks of the river Limmat in Zurich, Switzerland. For hundreds of years, Benedictine monasteries served as agricultural colleges for their regions. In Zurich, the Fahr convent ran a women’s agricultural school with a diverse curriculum including crafts, cooking, health, gardening, agricultural accounting and law, as well as household farm management. In 2013, it closed its doors for economic and staffing reasons.

AYA farmery was founded to carry this legacy into the future; learning from the past is a key component of meaningful innovation. AYA’s roots are grounded in the practical knowledge taught by the nuns and other teachers, interwoven with nature and science, to create a hybrid approach for the future.



CEO & Founder

Alexandra has a background in farming and economics. She holds a Ph.D. from St. Gallen University (HSG, Switzerland); her dissertation and previous studies focused on entrepreneurial management of strategy and innovation processes. In 2011, she embarked on a new adventure and completed an intensive agricultural and farm school at the 900-year-old Benedictine convent in Fahr, Switzerland. This experience sparked her passion to meld traditional sustainability practices and heritage with modern lifestyles and health concerns.


Communication & Content

Marina holds a bachelor’s degree in German studies and history from the University of Zurich and a CAS in “Food Sociology and Nutrition” from the ZHAW. She has been working in the field of communication and content management, and as a German language teacher, for several years. In her free time, she enjoys nature, be it on foot, with a surfboard, skis, a mountain bike or with a yoga mat. Marina is very interested in how we can live in harmony with nature, particularly in the field of nutrition.


Experience Design & Illustrations

Annabelle is an interior designer with a background in branding, spatial installations and event design, who creates spaces with multi-sensory touchpoints to intensify user experiences. She has a Design Management degree from HSLU and also graduated from Parson’s School of Design in New York. Annabelle‘s passion for music has led her to explore the relationship between space, gender and sound. Her unique approach to the design process allows her to imagine, write and translate stories into immersive experiences, often tied to the narrative of queer- and pop-cultural realms.

AYA farmery is proud to work with a network of producers, experts and designers – each of them dedicated to bringing you high-quality products and joy in your daily life.

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