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    The sustainable AYA gift guide

    Bells are chiming and Christmas is just around the corner! Do you already have all your presents together? If not – no problem. We have a few last-minute gifts ready for you that are guaranteed to arrive before Christmas and bring joy to all your favorite people.

    1. Seasonal calendar – for gourmets

    Our AYA seasonal calendar was developed and designed by us and is produced in Zug. Thanks to the seasonal calendar, every amateur cook knows immediately which fruit and vegetables are in season. If you follow this when cooking, you will eat in a healthier and more region-oriented way – more sustainably. In addition, the seasonal calendar is a perfect kitchen wall decoration.

    P.S. We are currently raffling off a seasonal calendar on Instagram – take part now!

    2. Millet pillow – for (prospective) dormice

    Sleeping well is a luxury that we wish for everyone we love. Our beautiful millet pillows are made in Zurich from upcycled leftover fabric. They are not only decorative, but also adapt perfectly to your sleeping position, are breathable and regulate temperature: also ideal as a pillow for children.

    3. Sausage course – for carnivorous connoisseurs

    You can also eat meat in a sustainable way; for example, by making your own sausages… from wild boar hunted in a controlled manner by the course instructors themselves. Our next sausage course will take place on February 17th. You can find the tickets here.

    4. Anti-stain kit – for everyone who no longer lives at Hotel Mama

    Moms are the real spot fairies. But what if we now give you mom’s insider tips and you can pass this knowledge on to important people in your life? Home remedies to get rid of all stains can be bought with a trip to the supermarket of your choice and are relatively cheap. Put everything in a nice box and you’re done! Go to the shopping list here.

    5. Recipe cards – for aesthetic bakers

    The food blogger Boumbelle has produced wonderful recipe cards for her fantastic cupcakes, which are both delicious and aesthetically pleasing. The recipes are printed on 100% recycled paper in a Zurich printer and available here.


    Do you want to win a seasonal calendar? Then take part in our competition on Instagram and reveal your best gift ideas!

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