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    Winter: The best herbs for cold season

    Your nose is running, swallowing hurts and your cough just won’t go away: Unfortunately, wintertime is the time we often catch colds.


    Before you fill a basket at the pharmacy, be sure to stock up on some of the best herbal remedies against colds, which also happen to grow locally. Those who can grow the herbs themselves and freeze them, dry them, or put them in honey or oil. If you missed the opportunity in summer, you can find dried herbs in drugstores, pharmacies and sometimes also in supermarkets.

    Sage and thyme are particularly suitable for coughs and sore throats. They have a beneficial effect against inflammation in the throat and loosen mucus. Both herbs are also excellent for drying.

    The dried leaves are superb for making a cold-cure tea. Pour boiling water over the leaves and let the tea steep for ten minutes.

    Important: be sure to cover the tea container with a plate, lid,  or something similar so that the essential oils do not escape!



    If you have a fever or feel chilled with your cold, warming herbs are suitable. Elderflower or linden blossom and rosemary make you sweat. Here, too, teas can be prepared from the dried flowers or sprigs of rosemary, which promotes blood circulation and thus has an activating effect on the whole body.

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